The cuisine of Vietnam

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam is a country with a long and interesting history and primarily was inhabited by various indigenous groups. The Chinese were the first conquerors and have had a strong influence on the national cuisine and culture of the country. A Buddhist philosophy has come from India and has successfully been integrated with many of the animalistic […]

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Vietnamese habits

Vietnamese Man

They sleep at work, walking the birds, eat dirt and change their name before their death. However, there is a logical explanation for the freaks of Vietnamese. They sleep at work from 12 to 14 o’clock. Clerks nap in chairs or on sleeping mats on the floor, fishers and merchants sleep in boats. Chút chút […]

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Japanese garden

Japanese Garden, Ho Chi Minh

In a green area of Ho Chi Minh city an unique Japanese garden was created. It covers an area of 20 thousand square meters. Everything here is designed and placed according to the Japanese traditions. The garden was created in complete harmony with living and inanimate nature. Rocks and plants were brought from Japan. The […]

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