Four great ancient cities-to-see

Angkor-Wat, Cambodia

Angkor, Cambodia Angkor is breathtaking even for the best-travelled people. When the population of London hardly reached 50,000, almost one million people lived in the capital of the Khmer Empire. The largest pre-industrial city in the world, Angkor was founded in the 9th century and abandoned in the first half of the 15th century under […]

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8 Thai habits and features

Thai Habits

The traffic on the streets of Thailand’s provincial towns seems chaotic because Thais don’t respect rules of the road. However, the lifestyle of Thais is strictly regulated by many traditions, habits, and beliefs. The locals salute each other with different gestures of the «wai». It consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together […]

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Maeklong Railway Market

Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

In Thailand, on the Maeklong market, one of the largest vegetables and seafood markets, you can find a … railway! Thais call this place «Rom Talad Hoop» — a market of folded umbrellas. For 109 years, seven times a day, sellers have had to add tents to protect them from the sun, and to put away baskets […]

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A brutal ordaining

Brutal Ordination Parade, Ban Non Salao, Thailand

In Thailand, in the Ban Noen Salao village of Chaiyaphum province, the annual Buddhist ordination ceremony took place on 2th May. This unique parade has been attracting a large number of residents as well as foreign tourists for a long time. Thai rituals are profoundly different from such ceremonies in the rest of the world. […]

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BMA bans all street food across Bangkok this year

Street Food, Bangkok, Thailand

In the capital internationally recognized for its street food, the authorities decided to abandon the street stalls for the sake of cleanliness and security, informs «The Nation», with the reference to the administration of the Thai capital. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have ordered all street sidewalk vendors to get off by the end of […]

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The Maya Bay tours stop until the autumn’17

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

In Thailand, the famous Maya Bay in Phi Phi island is closed for tourists, the ThaiPBS information portal reports. The authorities of the Hat Noppharat Thara — Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park decided to close the Maya Bay and the beach of the Phi Phi Leh island for six months from June to October […]

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Pattaya and Phuket are connected with direct flights

Air Asia, Phuket Airport, Thailand

Low-fare airline pre-announced the opening of new route connecting two popular resorts. From 30th of March you will be able to fly from Tapao airport to Phuket every day. Previously there were no direct flights between two Thai resorts, tourists ought to make a connection in Bangkok. It is also possible to get from Pattaya […]

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Miyako Odori and other April festivals

Miyako Odori, Japan

Bhutan, 11-15 April. Tsechu festival. Buddhist monks are required to wear orange clothes. However, during the holiday they turn it into the costumes of the gods and demons. During the dance, monks transform into mythical creatures and go into a daze. The holiday in Paro town, like throughout the country, has been commemorating the Padmasambhava, […]

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5 ways to feel like Thai

Thai People

To learn the profession of the mahout, to read the basics Buddhist teachings, to cook Tom Yam and other skills acquired in the Kingdom of Siam. MASTER CLASS OF MAHOUT The elephants are very adorable in Thailand. To start the communication you should go to the Baan Chang Elephant Park near Chiang Mai where you […]

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The capital of street food in 2017

Street Food, Bangkok, Thailand

The CNN  channel has produced an annual city rank with the best street food. The list includes 23 mega-cities. This report was published at the end of the last week by Thailand news portal. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, was the first, as in previous years. At the top are also found Tokyo, Honolulu (Hawaii), Durban, South Africa, […]

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