Four great ancient cities-to-see

Angkor-Wat, Cambodia

Angkor, Cambodia Angkor is breathtaking even for the best-travelled people. When the population of London hardly reached 50,000, almost one million people lived in the capital of the Khmer Empire. The largest pre-industrial city in the world, Angkor was founded in the 9th century and abandoned in the first half of the 15th century under […]

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A bride of the Bael tree

Nepalese Girl

The historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley are Newar. The people were in the contact zone of Caucasoid and Oriental races. Bindi is a dot on the forehead represents the third eye. But before marriage wearing it is optional and after marriage it’s compulsory. Even 4-year-old girl who have had the wedding ceremony. As a […]

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Badrinath Temple: an age-old source of wisdom and penance

Badrinath Temple, India

The Badrinath Temple located is the province of North India at the height of 3 000 m. This place, as well as the Jagannath Temple, the Dwarkadhish temple and the Ramanathaswamy Temple, is a part of four Holy places dedicated to Vishnu, so it attracts a lot of pilgrims every year. Unlike the bright temple territory, […]

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Khmer dances

Khmer Dance

The brightest model of Cambodian classical dance is a dance based on a story from the epic Rama poem (Ramayana) that according to the legend has an author Valmiki (a wise singer, whose name was given by Hindu God Brahma). This religious literary work is dated about IV century AD and is known for many interpretations […]

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About Indonesia

Indonesian Temple

It’s a country where the extraordinary ancient temples and volcanoes are rising among the tropical forests, the sun is shining like a shitten barn, and the sunsets are so amazing. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will be attracted to the world down there: all kinds of fish, shellfish, seaweed, and stuff.  The Bunaken National Park is located […]

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Khmer architecture

Khmer House, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Houses of locals in the ancient Khmer State were similar to modern Cambodian houses in the countryside. And these houses usually looked as the constructions standing on the wooden piles at the height of 1,5-2 meters from the ground. The stair led into the house, the walls were made of a bamboo, and the roof […]

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