The most injurious volcanoes in human’s history

The volcanoes erupting just near the people’s location are especially dangerous. But often it does not stop people from living in risky places. Pinatubo volcano, Philippines The mixture of sulfur dioxide and other gases spread throughout the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of its eruption 600 years ago. The droplets of sulphuric acid formed by […]

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Philippines: Islands of luck

Philippines Beach

Philippines is one of the most recommended countries for winter holidays. 7107 Islands of the Republic of Philippines form the second largest archipelago in the world (first one is Indonesia). Never mind that it is one of the most distant countries of South-East Asia and to get there you have to cross halfway around the world — […]

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Puerto Princesa underground river

Puerto Princesa River, Palawan, Phillipines

Everyone who has the opportunity to visit the Palawan island located in the Republic of the Philippines, should go to a mysterious place — a cave with a bizarre-shaped karst caves, where it is possible to see the underground river with a beautiful name Puerto Princesa. Unfortunately the tourist boats sail a very short distance. […]

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