The blooming beauty: an unique café in Japan

Mirrors Cafe, Honshu Island, Japan

An unique road café project called «Mirrors» is implemented in the Gifu Prefecture on the Honshū island. A dozen of wooden tables, an undemanding kitchen, and simple decoration seem to be nothing specific, so why are the tourists streaming out here? It’s all about the original frontage of a building decorated with huge mirror plates. […]

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Japan. Fuji Blooming

Blooming Fuji, Ashikaga, Japan

In early May, the Ashikaga park located on the Honshū island is being crowded by lots of visitors. The Japanese hurry up to see the blooming of wisteria, or, as it is called in Japan, Fuji. The tree vines are covered with long fragrant buds trailing over the ground — purple, purple, pink, white. The […]

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