Stone steps in the cedar forest: a pilgrimage to the Haguro Mount

Haguro Mount, Japan

Japan is a country with rich traditions. They seem so amazing for tourists with its unusual East Asian color. The ancient Japanese religion Shinto based on nature deity and nature worship is particularly interesting. Shintoists believe that the sacred spirit can be haunted in any natural object, for example, in a stone, in a tree […]

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Oriental Cherry In Japan

Oriental Cherry Blossom, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

The tradition of looking at oriental cherry blossoming was born in Japan in the 8th century The custom is said to have started during the Nara Period. Before that, there was another revered tree-the plum (Ume, or Chinese plum and Japanese apricot) which was brought from China. Twelve centuries later, during the Second World War, […]

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Hellish delight

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

The Japanese macaque (also known as the snow monkey) get their name because they live in areas buried in snow almost one third of the year. To survive the winter, the Japanese monkeys helps the Jigokudani (Hell valley – an area composed of the very steep cliffs and the steam coming off the hot springs […]

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Gion Matsuri (Gion Festival)

Gion Matsuri

For more than a thousand years the streets of Kyoto are filled with heavy chariots decorated with carpets and tapestries on that day. Wheels with a diameter up to two meters drive 30 people. On the second floor of the cart the musicians sit. On the head chariot, sits Tigo boy — a middleman between […]

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Life in a fairy tale. Five fabulous towns in Asia

Hoi An Village, Vietnam

The world is full of wonderful places that can be illustrated in fairy tales. There you can wander around the streets with savoring every detail and gently sniff the pixie dust scattered in the air. We’ve found five cities in Asia where lives the fairy tale. Pagan (Bagan), Myanmar No matter how much you rub […]

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The blooming beauty: an unique café in Japan

Mirrors Cafe, Honshu Island, Japan

An unique road café project called «Mirrors» is implemented in the Gifu Prefecture on the Honshū island. A dozen of wooden tables, an undemanding kitchen, and simple decoration seem to be nothing specific, so why are the tourists streaming out here? It’s all about the original frontage of a building decorated with huge mirror plates. […]

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Japan. Fuji Blooming

Blooming Fuji, Ashikaga, Japan

In early May, the Ashikaga park located on the Honshū island is being crowded by lots of visitors. The Japanese hurry up to see the blooming of wisteria, or, as it is called in Japan, Fuji. The tree vines are covered with long fragrant buds trailing over the ground — purple, purple, pink, white. The […]

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Welcome to Hell. A «dark tourism» becomes popular in Japan

Fukushima, Japan

Travelers having got so tired of traditional attractions during their holidays, so more and more often choose unusual types of tourism. In Japan they may be offered a «dark tourism» — a chance to visit various disaster areas. The interest in such a type of holiday is not a new one: the touristic routes often […]

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Miyako Odori and other April festivals

Miyako Odori, Japan

Bhutan, 11-15 April. Tsechu festival. Buddhist monks are required to wear orange clothes. However, during the holiday they turn it into the costumes of the gods and demons. During the dance, monks transform into mythical creatures and go into a daze. The holiday in Paro town, like throughout the country, has been commemorating the Padmasambhava, […]

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