About Indonesia

Indonesian Temple

It’s a country where the extraordinary ancient temples and volcanoes are rising among the tropical forests, the sun is shining like a shitten barn, and the sunsets are so amazing. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will be attracted to the world down there: all kinds of fish, shellfish, seaweed, and stuff.  The Bunaken National Park is located […]

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About Indonesian food

Indonesian Food, Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian food is one of the most colorful cuisines in the world. There are many regional specialties founded on traditions of Asian and island people. The dishes consist of such products as: rice, bean, fresh vegetables, beef and chicken, meat, seafood… Most of them are flavored with spices and sauces — for example, clove, different […]

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15 facts about Indonesia

Sunset in Indonesia, Bali

Indonesia is an amazing country you want to visit, but hardly everyone was there. Somebody remembers that Bali is a part of Indonesia, but actually a lot of interesting facts about this country are still unknown. Let’s start! Indonesia is an island country, consists of 17800 Islands. Almost a half of islands still do not […]

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