Gion Matsuri (Gion Festival)

Gion Matsuri

For more than a thousand years the streets of Kyoto are filled with heavy chariots decorated with carpets and tapestries on that day. Wheels with a diameter up to two meters drive 30 people. On the second floor of the cart the musicians sit. On the head chariot, sits Tigo boy — a middleman between […]

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Khmer dances

Khmer Dance

The brightest model of Cambodian classical dance is a dance based on a story from the epic Rama poem (Ramayana) that according to the legend has an author Valmiki (a wise singer, whose name was given by Hindu God Brahma). This religious literary work is dated about IV century AD and is known for many interpretations […]

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Cambodian Beauty. Daughters of the Gods

Apsara Dancer, Cambodia

The most beautiful girls in Cambodia are Apsaras (also spelled as Apsarasas). The Apsara image can be found on the bas-reliefs of all ancient Cambodian temples. Apsara is the name of the ancient dancer and is taken from Hindu mythology. These dances by the Cambodian Rouge have developed under Hindu influence. In their stories, the […]

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A brutal ordaining

Brutal Ordination Parade, Ban Non Salao, Thailand

In Thailand, in the Ban Noen Salao village of Chaiyaphum province, the annual Buddhist ordination ceremony took place on 2th May. This unique parade has been attracting a large number of residents as well as foreign tourists for a long time. Thai rituals are profoundly different from such ceremonies in the rest of the world. […]

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Miyako Odori and other April festivals

Miyako Odori, Japan

Bhutan, 11-15 April. Tsechu festival. Buddhist monks are required to wear orange clothes. However, during the holiday they turn it into the costumes of the gods and demons. During the dance, monks transform into mythical creatures and go into a daze. The holiday in Paro town, like throughout the country, has been commemorating the Padmasambhava, […]

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The Lotus Lanterns Festival takes place in Seoul

Lotus Lantern Festival, Seoul, Korea

From 28 to 30 April, one of the most beautiful city holidays in Seoul will be held the Lotus Lanterns Festival. The main events of the festival are located near the Jogyesa temple. On 28 April, exhibitions of lanterns from traditional Korean paper will be opened in the Chogesa and Bongeunsa temples, as well as […]

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A Firework Festival in Seoul

Seoul Firework Festival, Republic of Korea

On 2 April a fireworks festival was held in Seoul, in conjunction with the official opening of the Lotte World Tower, the largest mall in the Korean capital. Near the tower gathered thousands of viewers, and they were presented with a special program, more spectacular than famous New Year’s fireworks in Dubai. The festival was […]

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Today in Thailand is being celebrated a new year: a plenty of water, a few alcohol

New Year Festival, Thailand

Today in Thailand is being celebrated a new year: a plenty of water, a few alcohol. The Thai New Year’s Day (Songkran festival )is 13 April every year, but the holiday period includes 14–15 April as well. The word «Songkran» comes from the Sanskrit (literally «astrological passage»), meaning transformation or change. Traditionally, the holiday is […]

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