Four great ancient cities-to-see

Angkor-Wat, Cambodia

Angkor, Cambodia Angkor is breathtaking even for the best-travelled people. When the population of London hardly reached 50,000, almost one million people lived in the capital of the Khmer Empire. The largest pre-industrial city in the world, Angkor was founded in the 9th century and abandoned in the first half of the 15th century under […]

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Top 7 places-to-see in China

Danxia Landform, China

Talking about China you imagine the Great Wall of China, the Beijing city, and the Shanghai, the most populous city proper in the world, but there are much more unbelievably beautiful places worth seeing in this enigmatic country. Jiuzhaigou National Park is located in central China in a vast area of 720 square kilometers. Its […]

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Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace, India

The Mysore Palace is one of the most interesting places in India located in Mysore city. It is considered to be the most luxurious palace in the region. Even a cursory glance at a photo is enough to appreciate the magnificent structure. In one’s time, there was situated the residence of Wodeyar family that had […]

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