Vietnam: lost paradise

Condao Archipelago, Vietnam

The Con Dao archipelago is located on the southern borders of the country and even by Vietnamese standards is a faraway province. It consists of sixteen green volcanic islets slotting the South China Sea 180 kilometers from the mainland. Fresh water sources and arable land for rice and vegetables are available only on the Con Son […]

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Weird Hindu habits and customs

Hindu Customs

While cooking food, Indians use from 10 to 20 different spices together. A combination of seasonings for a traditional dishes has been passed on from one generation to the next for centuries. Indians write with the help of Devanagari. The special feature of this alphabet is the upper horizontal line, which is «attached» to the dangling […]

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The cuisine of Vietnam

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam is a country with a long and interesting history and primarily was inhabited by various indigenous groups. The Chinese were the first conquerors and have had a strong influence on the national cuisine and culture of the country. A Buddhist philosophy has come from India and has successfully been integrated with many of the animalistic […]

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About Indonesia

Indonesian Temple

It’s a country where the extraordinary ancient temples and volcanoes are rising among the tropical forests, the sun is shining like a shitten barn, and the sunsets are so amazing. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will be attracted to the world down there: all kinds of fish, shellfish, seaweed, and stuff.  The Bunaken National Park is located […]

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BMA bans all street food across Bangkok this year

Street Food, Bangkok, Thailand

In the capital internationally recognized for its street food, the authorities decided to abandon the street stalls for the sake of cleanliness and security, informs «The Nation», with the reference to the administration of the Thai capital. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have ordered all street sidewalk vendors to get off by the end of […]

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Stairway to Heaven


After a conquest of Everest and following «Himalayan boom» unknown Nepal has become a magnet for tourists. Come here for adrenaline, exotic and buddhahood — all this is would be available there just for one tracking. Thousands of green hills, valleys, rivers and lakes go away as far as the eye could reach. Nepal is […]

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Lok Baintan floating market

Lok Baintan Floating Market, Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Photographer Maududdin Fauzan took a photo of the Lok Baintan floating market in Banjarmasin, the capital of South Kalimantan. Owing to frequent floods, most of the buildings in the city are pile driven. The land deficit in Banjarmasin was the reason why the local market had been organized on water rather than on land. Such floating […]

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5 ways to feel like Thai

Thai People

To learn the profession of the mahout, to read the basics Buddhist teachings, to cook Tom Yam and other skills acquired in the Kingdom of Siam. MASTER CLASS OF MAHOUT The elephants are very adorable in Thailand. To start the communication you should go to the Baan Chang Elephant Park near Chiang Mai where you […]

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The capital of street food in 2017

Street Food, Bangkok, Thailand

The CNN  channel has produced an annual city rank with the best street food. The list includes 23 mega-cities. This report was published at the end of the last week by Thailand news portal. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, was the first, as in previous years. At the top are also found Tokyo, Honolulu (Hawaii), Durban, South Africa, […]

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About Indonesian food

Indonesian Food, Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian food is one of the most colorful cuisines in the world. There are many regional specialties founded on traditions of Asian and island people. The dishes consist of such products as: rice, bean, fresh vegetables, beef and chicken, meat, seafood… Most of them are flavored with spices and sauces — for example, clove, different […]

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