Vietnam: lost paradise

Condao Archipelago, Vietnam

The Con Dao archipelago is located on the southern borders of the country and even by Vietnamese standards is a faraway province. It consists of sixteen green volcanic islets slotting the South China Sea 180 kilometers from the mainland. Fresh water sources and arable land for rice and vegetables are available only on the Con Son […]

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Four great ancient cities-to-see

Angkor-Wat, Cambodia

Angkor, Cambodia Angkor is breathtaking even for the best-travelled people. When the population of London hardly reached 50,000, almost one million people lived in the capital of the Khmer Empire. The largest pre-industrial city in the world, Angkor was founded in the 9th century and abandoned in the first half of the 15th century under […]

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Mystical Asia: Five sacred places

Lhasa, Tibet

Asia is breathtaking and enigmatic. The continent is full of mysteries, and at the same time, it seems that it is able to provide answers to the most important questions. Five sacred places to see with your own eyes are listed below. Lhasa, Tibet Lhasa is legendary: supposedly the monks have been living there for […]

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A helping hand: the Turtle Farm on Sri Lanka

Turtle Farm, Sri Lanka

Five species of sea turtles have been living on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, because of the ruthless destruction, the population of these animals has been catastrophically declining. Despite this, the local residents did not exclude the turtle eggs, and there are still too many products has been made […]

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Stone steps in the cedar forest: a pilgrimage to the Haguro Mount

Haguro Mount, Japan

Japan is a country with rich traditions. They seem so amazing for tourists with its unusual East Asian color. The ancient Japanese religion Shinto based on nature deity and nature worship is particularly interesting. Shintoists believe that the sacred spirit can be haunted in any natural object, for example, in a stone, in a tree […]

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Oriental Cherry In Japan

Oriental Cherry Blossom, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

The tradition of looking at oriental cherry blossoming was born in Japan in the 8th century The custom is said to have started during the Nara Period. Before that, there was another revered tree-the plum (Ume, or Chinese plum and Japanese apricot) which was brought from China. Twelve centuries later, during the Second World War, […]

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Hellish delight

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

The Japanese macaque (also known as the snow monkey) get their name because they live in areas buried in snow almost one third of the year. To survive the winter, the Japanese monkeys helps the Jigokudani (Hell valley – an area composed of the very steep cliffs and the steam coming off the hot springs […]

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Top 7 places-to-see in China

Danxia Landform, China

Talking about China you imagine the Great Wall of China, the Beijing city, and the Shanghai, the most populous city proper in the world, but there are much more unbelievably beautiful places worth seeing in this enigmatic country. Jiuzhaigou National Park is located in central China in a vast area of 720 square kilometers. Its […]

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Badrinath Temple: an age-old source of wisdom and penance

Badrinath Temple, India

The Badrinath Temple located is the province of North India at the height of 3 000 m. This place, as well as the Jagannath Temple, the Dwarkadhish temple and the Ramanathaswamy Temple, is a part of four Holy places dedicated to Vishnu, so it attracts a lot of pilgrims every year. Unlike the bright temple territory, […]

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