Iranian Woman

Iran beauties. Undercover living

The beauties of Iran are legally obliged to wear handkerchiefs and full head-to-toe clothes preferably dark. Some kind of freedom in the clothes can be afforded at the wedding ceremonies, as women and men celebrate it separately from each other or at home. When some man comes to the house (except husband, father and brothers), a woman is obliged to cover her head. That’s why the ring handles at the doors of many houses are made of different materials – metallic and wooden. By his the first knock a man or a woman can be recognized.

Many noses of Iranians are covered with band-aids because crooked noses are out of fashion now. To get plastic surgery is considered to be prestigious. So the girls do not hesitate to wear the bandage on the nose -it’s some kind of an «affluence rate».

Iranians. The country’s area is 1.6 million square meters. The population exceeds 83 million. About a half are the Persians (the second-most ethnic group is Azeri). Most of Iranians are Shia Muslims. The weekend in the country is Friday, as this day is prescribed in the Koran for collective prayer (Jumu’ah).


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