Turtle Farm, Sri Lanka

A helping hand: the Turtle Farm on Sri Lanka

Five species of sea turtles have been living on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, because of the ruthless destruction, the population of these animals has been catastrophically declining. Despite this, the local residents did not exclude the turtle eggs, and there are still too many products has been made of turtle’s shell in Sri Lanka. To rectify the critical situation in any way, the country has begun to establish special centers to conserve the turtle population. One such organization, «Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery» started its work in 1986. Since the establishment of the farm, according to the most conservative estimates about half a million sea turtles has been released into the ocean. Special attention is given to the most affected Hawksbill species. There can be seen not only the adults, but also small turtles got out of the shell on the Farm. They will stay there for three days before being released to the ocean. Also, there live affected turtles. The staff of the center keeps them in special reservoirs until they are fully recovered. It’s also possible to see the adult turtles playing the role of exhibits on the farm. After the establishment of such organizations, many locals who had sold turtle eggs to restaurants carry them to the farm now. Thanks to the combined efforts of all these people, the sea turtle situation will be significantly improved shortly.

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