Honey Gathering, Nepal

Honey gathering in Nepal

The honey gathering in Nepal is not an easy profession. Laboriosa (Apis dorsata laboriosa, or the Himalayan honey bee) is the largest honey bee in the world, build nests on the rocks at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. To reach their habitat gatherer have to spend one day. After finding a large bee colony the barefoot gatherer uses a rope ladder to climbs up the. Only a thin string tied around the waist as a safe rope. The nest with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 meters is protected with the thousands of stinging insects. The size of each species (and thus its stingers) is two times higher than the size of an average bee.

Honey Hunters, Nepal
Honey Hunters, Nepal

To make insects get out the fire is fanned beneath the rock. In damaging to the eye smoke, the gatherer using long bamboo sticks, cuts the honeycomb, piece by piece, and wax parts of the nests where the bees’ eggs are kept, and by filling the basket, get it down to the assistants. It takes at least one hour to work with one nest and gather about 40 kilograms of honey and 10 kilograms of wax.

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